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PLAY Executive Board


Co-Founders:  Snuggles Scott and Tammy Tucker

League Operator:  Snuggles Scott

Player Representative:  Larry Lee


PLAY Mission


Our mission is to provide a well organized local arena for amateur pool competition that is affordable, friendly, and reflects the goals of its members.

To accomplish this, PLAY will continuously research and utilize the best avenues of communication thus fostering efficiency, camaraderie, and membership satisfaction.  The bylaws lay the foundation for success by respecting and encouraging the diversity of its members and the establishments that support us.  Through membership driven representation, PLAY will provide ample opportunities for each individual to engage in the exchange of ideas and adapt accordingly to those changing needs and desires.

PLAY encourages each member to demonstrate good etiquette by respecting one’s opponent, accepting victory with humility, and acknowledging defeat with grace. Adopting the philosophy that winning is not an end in itself, the ultimate goal of PLAY is to have FUN!

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PLAY intends to be the most fair and enjoyable league in Augusta. 

PLAY provides players the opportunity to compete for cash and prizes.  Organized team play is offered in   8-Ball Ladies, Open and Couples (Jack & Jill format).

About PLAY

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